Friday, November 10, 2006

Not the best looking drumsticks.
If anyone knows what kind of chicken this is, give me a comment would you?
I know it's a type of bantam, but the owners think it's a little unusual looking.
So maybe it's a mutant of some kind.

Speaking of chickens...
We thought this one was a lawn ornament (he was so still and he had such pretty colors) until he started letting me know I was close enough.
An angry rooster can make such a ruckus.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


The award for the funniest movie made by my husband on, goes to: "Shark, dead or alive" It traces the checkered, sometimes, sordid career of "Shark", the misunderstood actor who starred in so many of our favorite movies.

"Shark, dead or alive" is the sequel to the stunning acclaimed 15 sec remake of a scene from a certain shark eating people movie. uh...that's a shark that eats people... not people who eat sharks. Like in sashimi, not that sashimi isn't good mind you... it's just... it's, well, it's raw fish, you know? it's not cooked... and uh, what was I writing? That "Shark, dead or alive" is not about sashimi? Or maybe IT IS... bwahahaha bwahahaha....

Check out "Shark" then check out the sequel "Shark, dead or alive" on . type "Shark, dead or alive" into whatever search box is offered, get more by this user (paraphrased, 'kay?)

This user is known as "The Weasel".

Trivia: the man in the old black & white photo is a genuine relative! (it sure runs in the family)

More trivia: and I helped!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

These are some of the people I work with, they're dressed up for halloween by the way.

Fairy Godmother

This is my halloween outfit, it's nice to feel special.