Saturday, December 12, 2009

Latest manga: Monster

I did it! I finished "Monster" 162 chapters manga. About a  brilliant brain surgeon who saves the life of a child who has been shot in the head. The child grows up to be a serial killer, a living monster. When the doctor gets accused of the murders, he decides to hunt down and kill his former patient. "Look at me, look at me, the monster inside me has grown this large. Chomp chomp. Munch munch. Gobble gobble. Gulp" (written in blood at the crime scene) It's creepy stuff. 162 chapters later the doctor catches up to the killer and.... 

*Spoilers below*

The doctor can't shot. He's a PUSSY and can't bring himself to take a life. Even though killing this guy would save all the future victims! 

*even bigger spoiler below* 

And here's a headbanger!
Someone else shoots the killer-- in the head! As the only brilliant brain surgeon around.... the doctor operates on the killer and saves his life AGAIN! 
(screams loudly and holds head)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


My co worker tells me Pepita has calmed down somewhat and is beloved by her family. Lucky mouse could have been eaten by that snake, but now has a home, a wheel and all the bedding she could ever want to fluff. Ahh. She has no idea how lucky a mouse she truly is.
For footage of the snake eating go to  Feeding time at Fort Discovery