Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dumb Cat

 Poor Scabby-pud is limping terrible this morning. He clamped his jaws on my wrist while I was half asleep in bed and wouldn't let go. I came awake confused and in pain. Steve came to my rescue and chucked the growling hissing enraged puss away from us. Spunkles must have landed on his bad leg when he flew across the room. I'm sitting here with holes in my inflamed wrist... feeling bad for the DUMB CAT.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

the cagemate

Pepita the wonder mouse now has a cage mate. Last I mentioned the mousies, two had escaped certain snakey doom by climbing out of a cardboard box and escaping into the office. Chase ensued. Later, I went into the office and pretended to be a ninja (IE: I was quiet) I heard a scrabbling from behind a bookcase. When I scooted down to peek, a cute little whiskered face peered back at me. I made a halfhearted grab and she went back behind the bookcase, only to pop her head back out in seconds. I instantly made a fiendishly clever plan. I got a piece of mouse chow and held it near the opening. She came out and began to eat right out of my hand... heart strings going twang I scooped her up (no biting from this one!) and raced to my coworkers office. So Pepita now has a cage mate named "Hope"